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  • Save Money, Live Better

    The Line Between disorder and order lies in Logistics

  • Say Logistics

    The Line between disorder and order lies in logistics

  • Think Logistics

    Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes, But for you to win, it has to be through superior logistics

  • Count on us

    Quality never goes out of style. We give the best services you will ever need

  • NIPOST Logistics

    With NIPOST Logistics, your Haulage, Warehousing, and Logistics problems are solved.

  • The cream of Haulage

    NIPOST Logistics show others how haulage is done. NIPOST Logistics. A symbol of excellence

  • NIPOST Logistics, the most qualitative and the most efficient.

List of prohibited items

- International Traveling passports.

- Currency Notes, bank Instruments, coins, Traveller’s cheques and other Negotiable Securities (Bonds and stocks).

- Radio – active materials.

- Gold, silver, precious stones, Jewellery etc,

- Narcotics (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc).

- Live animals.

- Explosives, inflammable or other dangerous substances.

- Obscene and immoral articles.

- Liquid substances that may spill/soil (if not properly wrapped, sealed and packaged) or damage

other items or expose officials to danger.

- Other items that may be stipulated by the Post.

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