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  • Save Money, Live Better

    The Line Between disorder and order lies in Logistics

  • Say Logistics

    The Line between disorder and order lies in logistics

  • Think Logistics

    Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes, But for you to win, it has to be through superior logistics

  • Count on us

    Quality never goes out of style. We give the best services you will ever need

  • NIPOST Logistics

    With NIPOST Logistics, your Haulage, Warehousing, and Logistics problems are solved.

  • The cream of Haulage

    NIPOST Logistics show others how haulage is done. NIPOST Logistics. A symbol of excellence

  • NIPOST Logistics, the most qualitative and the most efficient.

Organizational Structure

The body constituting NIPOST Logistics is made up of the Postmaster General/CEO at the apex of the organizational structure (Organogram), followed by the Supervisory Management Committee (SMC), headed by the Deputy Postmaster General of any of the Operational Divisions.

In the same vein, NIPOST Logistics has in its line management, the General Manager, Assistant General Manager (Operations), Assistant General Manager (Marketing), Assistant General Manager (Security and Investigation), Assistant General Manager (Finance and Accounts) Assistant General Manager (Corporate Services), the Confidential Secretary to the Venture’s General Manager and other operatives to look after the day to day running of affairs of the Venture.


At the territorial level, there are Territorial Logistics Managers, entrusted with the duty of monitoring/supervision and co-ordination of Logistic operations and services.

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