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    The Line Between disorder and order lies in Logistics

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    The Line between disorder and order lies in logistics

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    Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes, But for you to win, it has to be through superior logistics

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    Quality never goes out of style. We give the best services you will ever need

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    With NIPOST Logistics, your Haulage, Warehousing, and Logistics problems are solved.

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    NIPOST Logistics show others how haulage is done. NIPOST Logistics. A symbol of excellence

  • NIPOST Logistics, the most qualitative and the most efficient.

Business Condition for Partnership

The conditions are as enumerated below:

  1. Haulage business between NIPOST and any prospective partner shall be based on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement.
  2. Provision of haulage vehicles and maintenance of same is the Sole responsibility of the would-be private transport contractor/partner.
  3. The tonnage capacity of vehicles or trucks required for effective and Comprehensive consignment handling is between ten (10), fifteen (15) and thirty (30) tonnage specifications.
  4. The vehicles are to be branded with NIPOST colours and logo.
  5. Marketing the business is a dual responsibility of the duo (NIPOST and the Logistics partner concerned).
  6. Boarding officers to accompany the trucks while on the routes and are to be NIPOST employees.
  7. Installation of Track and Trace in the trucks is to be done by the provider of the truck (s).
  8. Provision of Insurance Policy cover – Goods in Transit (G.I.T) is to be provided for by the business Partner.
  9. Configuration of routes Nationwide is by NIPOST.
  10. Financial reward policy of this partnership business shall be anchored on the REVENUE SHARING FORMULAE of  75% (DUNBELL VENTURES LTD) and 25% (NIPOST LOGISTICS) or as may be decided by NIPOST Management.

In view of the above, you are sure of a very profitable and lucrative business partnership with NIPOST. We also guarantee a nationwide network service, free from harassments of the Police and other government agencies.  This is obvious, because all the trucks will be bearing Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) registration plate numbers.

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